Coffee ,milk ,orange juice, tea , yogurt ,cake ,toast , butter ,honey , jam ,cereals , pancakes , eggs( omelette –scramble etc.) , fruits, etc.




Platter with various Greek cheeses and delicatessen meats or cheese croquettes or potato croquettes or plate of various vegetables with dips or tart with vegetables & cheese or sandwiches or various canapés or meatballs with ouzo or pies with cheese –vegetables-meat , white/red wine ,ouzo/tsipouro.


Menu 1

Lunch or Dinner

Fried cheese or zucchini fried balls or roasted peppers, Crisp bread with tomato and feta cheese or Greek cheese soufflé, Greek traditional cheese pie or eggplant salad or fava beans, Tzatziki (dip yogurt-garlic-herbs) or spicy cheese dip or spinach pie, Vegetable tart or fried seafood with sauce and cheese, Stuffed peppers or spicy cheese pie or zucchini fried balls, Eggplants salad or tomato fried balls, Greek traditional salad or chef salad, Salad four seasons or salad octopus, Greek traditional salad or green salad with seasonal vegetables, Mousaka , accompanied by chilled white wine, Grilled veal or chicken with pasta accompanied by red or white wine, Stuffed tomatoes with rice and herbs and minced meat accompanied by chilled white wine, Lamp with potatoes in the Owen accompanied by chilled white wine, pasticcio (pasta with minced meat and béchamel) accompanied by chilled white wine, veal with tomato sauce rice or smashed potatoes accompanied by red wine, cuttlefish with spinach accompanied by ouzo/ tsipouro (Greek traditional beverage), Fruits or sweet dessert or ice-cream and coffee


Menu 2

Lunch or Dinner

Octopus finished with wine or fried squids, vegetable soufflé or grilled cheese, Grilled feta with honey& sesame or octopus or stuffed peppers, Stuffed artichokes or potato croquettes, Fish roe salad or crawfish salad, Mixed vegetables with mayonnaise sauce or cheese pie, Suffle with cheese and ham, Green salad, Seasonal vegetables or green salad, Traditional Greek salad or rocket salad parmesan and sundried tomatoes, Chicken salad or green salad, Steamed vegetables, Beetroot salad or potato salad, Chef salad or cabbage-carrot salad, Grilled fish with vegetables ,accompanied by chilled white wine, Pasta with shrimps accompanies by red wine, Grilled salmon with vegetables accompanied by chilled white wine or ouzo /tsipouro (Greek traditional beverage), Seafood risotto accompanied by chilled white wine or ouzo/tsipouro (Greek traditional beverage, Various frled fishes accompanied by white wine or tsipouro, Chicken fillet with basil and pasta accompanied by chilled white wine, Meat loaf with baked potatoes by red wine, Fruits or sweet dessert or ice-cream and coffee

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